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Our Systems

We have developed internal systems to provide our clients support and information as well as make the whole process as efficient as possible from start to finish.

These system will be further enhanced to improve our effectiveness to meet your needs.

Documentation you will receive from us include the following:

Credit Guide

We will supply you upfront with a Credit Guide outlining both our and your rights and obligations under the federal and state legislation.

This document also includes helpful information and tips regarding applying for credit. Contents include:

Our Role -The Broker, Nature and Range of Services, Independent Advice, Responsible Lending, Responsibilities of the Consumer, Consumer Self Budgetary Analysis, Income and Wealth Protection, Third Party Involvement, How YFG is Remunerated, List of Panel Lenders, Fees Payable By the Consumer, “Low Doc” Applications, How Long Will The Process Take, Supporting Documents, Understanding Terminology, Complaints & Disputes, Privacy of Information, Applicant/s Budget


Pre Assessment

Our Pre Assessment software enables our team to quickly determine the maximum borrowing capacity lenders will permit you. We will then estimate all the likely fees, charges and taxes applicable to your loan application and show you a list of the lenders and products are available to you and the costs to you over a 4 year period.

The Pre-Assessment will provide you with sufficient high level information enabling you to determine if it is reasonably likely you will obtain finance for your planned financial venture, what ever that may be and whether you should proceed to apply for finance.

We have almost 50 lenders and around 900 products in our system so you don't need to spend months searching for a suitable product at a low interest are and low fees.


Credit Assessment


A legal requirement under Australian federal credit legislation is that a credit assessment must be undertaken for all borrowers to determine the suitability and capacity to borrow and comfortably repay the dent.

We do this for you in a simple and efficient manner.

The final report will indicate to you what your needs are, what you can borrow comfortably and what product you chose and what is the costs involved.

Credit Quote and Product Disclosure.

Our system will also provide you a simple document outlining all the information about your loan, the key features and benefits of that loan and its overall costs.


Credit Quote & Product Disclosure

After the completion of the Credit Assessment and before we lodge any dealing to a lender on your behalf, we will supply you with a Credit Quote & Product Disclosure document that will outline all the essential information about the product you have chosen, including interest rates, fees, loan limits and repayments, and the term of the loan.

This documents also outlines any YFG fees applicable (if any) and details of an potential Lender charges against YFG should the loan be closed early, that being a term less than 2 years after settlement.

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