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Why Use Your Finance Group

In the previous section “Why Use A Mortgage Broker” the benefits of using a mortgage broker to assist with finding the most suited home loan we explained.

Now we explain why you should use Your Finance Group.
Making the wrong choice about who you chose to find that home loan can cost you money and not lead to a happy less stressful experience.

Our team have been selected because of their people skills, honesty and ethics, strengths, experience and dedication to achieving the best for their clients.

Never settle for just average.

Choice of Lender

Importantly, you choose the lender, not us.

Our team will listen to your situation and requirements and then search for a list of products suited to those needs and then provide you with a list of lenders and their costs for you to choose which is most suited to you.

We have access to almost 50 lenders and a range of almost 900 finance products. We can assist you compare these products from their interest rate, fees and charges and any special policies or conditions applicable to that product.


Our team all undergo an intense training regime when starting with us and continue undertaking training on a weekly basis to keep up their knowledge with industry changes.

Critical to our success is the comradery within our team. Each member willingly and happily supports each other during leave, times of volume pressure of simply to discuss deals where an issue may arise.

Lenders transfer their staff continually so their experience in lending may be short lived. Our team are dedicated mortgage brokers and that’s all they focus on and its their life blood.

Personal Banker

Consider our team your Personal Banker, available anytime to either pick up the phone or email for help assistance, even after the loan has settled.

Its most important to us to continue the relationship well into the future. We want to ensure you are getting the best deal in the years ahead.

Mostly Free Service

For the majority of home loans we do not charge a fee. If there is a need for such a fee, we will tell you right up front, before we proceed further into the loan.
Lenders pay us a commission for doing all the work for your loan. If they did not pay us, they would need to pay their staff or someone else for the work outplayed. It is for this reason we do not charge for home loan application in the majority of situations.


With our ability to search out suitable products and then provide you a list based on true costs enables you to make an info4rmed decision as to the most costs effective product.

This can save you tens of thousands of dollars in the life of a loan.


This is another area where our team are way out in front of dealing with lenders direct.

Our team literally operate 7 days a week, all hours. We will always strive to meet you at a time and place convenient to you.

This is why you should use the team at Your Finance Group to assist you with your finance requirements.

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