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What’s Involved – Insurance Cover

Borrowers should ensure they have adequately considered the implications on their ability to repay their financial obligations (including new loans) in the event of an unforeseen event that impacts their income and the ability to meet all your debt obligations (loans) and living expenses.

For example, borrowers need to carefully consider how they will meet financial obligations, short medium and long term if:

  • they or their partner suffer an injury (minor or serious) that has the ability to impact their ability to generate income;
  • the borrower or their partner suffer death or permanent disability;
  • be involved in a natural disaster (fire, flood earth quake, tsunami or such) that impacts their business or their employer’s business; and / or
  • any similar event leads to a change in a financial situation.

Our team will ask you similar questions to raise awareness of the impact of such events on financial well-being.

Borrowers should then seriously consider this important aspect of their financial health as in the sad event should such an impact happen, without preparation the impact could be disastrous to their overall personal and financial well-being.

Should borrowers be willing, we can refer them to insurance experts who will discuss with them their needs and arrange insurance needs directly.

However, the decision to arrange or decline to undertake arrangements for the protection of their income or asset protection is wholly and solely based on the borrower.

Our team nor the lender can or will accept any responsibility whatsoever for any decision by the borrower, whichever way they decide on the matter of income and asset protection. 

Contact us to discuss insurance cover options.

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