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Finance is a very complex and detailed industry. There are more than than 60 lenders in Australia and in excess of 1,000 products in diverse categories of finance types and funding streams.

Even for the big bansk, they separate key lending types to be handled by different departments and separate departmental personnel. Feedback indicates for clients it can be quite frustaing dealing with multiple benk staff for what can be in essence a single deal, just funbded with different type products. At times cliensts are unsure who is in charge fo the whol;e dealing.

We at YFG are very aware of the desire of clients to deal with primarily one individual controling thgeir entire application so they know one person is in charge and know who to contact wqhen necessary.

Our initial and ongoing training regium enables our team to specialise firstly in Home Loans and then in particular fields of finance, such as

This method of specialisation enables our team members to indicvidually deal with all types of Home Loans, from simple to complex dealings as well as focus their skills into individual more specialised finance streams.

Our team work very closely together and freely bring in the expertice of other team members when necessary, This enables our team members to keep control of the clients' dealing and remain the main point of contact for the client.

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