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Your Finance Group is an experienced mortgage broker serving clients throughout Australia. Our personalised solutions help you to identify the most suited financial products to suit your needs. Contact us now to find out more about our range of services.

Why A Mortgage Broker?

Before we start explaining why you should use Your Finance Group Pty Ltd to assist you with your home loan, let’s look at why you should use a mortgage broker.

Making the incorrect decision when it comes to your mortgage might end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars extra over the course of the loan. Some mortgages have uncompetitive interest rates and may be loaded with extra costs. A person might easily trip up because they lack the experience to know what to watch out for and what to avoid.

The cost reductions are what motivates most people to use a mortgage broker. When you needed a loan in the past, you would visit your neighbourhood bank manager for a conversation.

Prior to 2000, a sizable portion of mortgages were obtained directly from a bank or building society. However, now days more than 70% of all house loans are arranged through mortgage brokers and it’s probable that by the end of this decade, this number will reach 75%. The main reason for the huge growth in use of mortgage brokers is they have access to a huge range of lenders and home loan products, not just one or two products of one lender. There are several benefits to using mortgage brokers over dealing with lenders directly.

Choice is a mortgage broker’s main advantage over a bank. You get access to one lender and maybe three or four home loan products when you meet with your bank manager.

When you sit down with a mortgage broker, you have access to a number of lenders—up to 50 or more—and hundreds of different home loans, each with a separate set of rates, costs and regulations. All of these are available to you through your mortgage broker.

Large firms like banks frequently move their workers around. The top employees often end up working from the company headquarters. Their knowledge of house loans and your situation may occasionally be limited.

However, a mortgage broker’s main source of income is home loans. They frequently run their own firm and have a long-term commitment to you, the client.

Knowing what is going on in the home loan industry is the responsibility of mortgage brokers. It is a dynamic industry that moves quickly.

Personal bankers who work with the lenders frequently vary. While they take care of you, they are dedicated to their employer, and the majority act in their employer’s best interest (if they want to maintain their job).

The most effective personal banker you could have is your mortgage broker. They are experts in their field and dedicated to delivering the finest results for you since they want to maintain you as a client in the long run.

They have the experience to know what has to be done, and since it’s their own business, they get it done.

One important factor is the ability to compare multiple loan providers in an effort to obtain the most suited product for your needs.

There are a variety of fees and charges associated with various home loans, including application costs, valuation fees, solicitor fees, settlement fees, monthly fees and yearly fees. They might become incredibly pricey when they are all added together. You may choose a lender and product with less of these costs while still receiving a highly appealing interest rate with the aid of a mortgage broker.

Another key reason is that it’s harder to borrow now with increased restrictions and monitoring of lenders by federal agencies. People who in the past may have had their loan application approved, may now find it declined as lenders are forced to delve deeper into a loan application.

Lenders are required to ask more questions and search deeper into past credit history and transactions on your accounts. A mortgage broker can check out an applicant’s loan application first and then search a lender to find out which lender is more likely to approve the loan application under their policies.

Another reason for the expansion of mortgage brokerage is convenience. Contrarily, you might have to wait days before you can meet with your local home loan officer at your bank at a time that works for them.

Now that you are aware of the benefits of using a mortgage broker, discover the benefits of working with Your Finance Group Pty Ltd.
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Now, we’ll discuss the benefits of working with Your Finance Group.

Making the incorrect decision while looking for a house loan might cost you money and not result in a positive, less stressful experience.

Our team members were chosen for their interpersonal skills, integrity and commitment to doing what is best for their customers.

Never be content with mediocrity.

Importantly, you get to select the lender you want.

Our experts will carefully consider your position and your demands before searching for a range of solutions that meet them. We’ll then provide you a list of lenders together with their fees so you can decide which is best for you.

We have access to a huge selection of home loans from roughly 50 lenders. We can help you evaluate these products based on their interest rates, fees and other costs, as well as any unique rules or requirements that may be associated with each one.

All of our team members go through a rigorous training programme before joining us and they continue to train every week to stay current on industry trends.

Camaraderie among our team members is essential to our success. Each team member gladly and voluntarily assists the others while they are on leave, under pressure or merely discussing transactions where a problem may occur.

Since lenders frequently change their workforce, employees’ lending experience may be brief. Our staff comprises of devoted mortgage brokers that live and breathe this industry.

Consider our staff to be your personal banker; we are always available to help, even after the loan has settled, via phone or email.

We prioritise keeping the partnership going for a very long time. In the upcoming years, we want to make sure you receive the finest offer.

You can decide on the most cost-effective product by using our abilities to find relevant items and then provide you a list based on genuine pricing.

Over the course of a loan, you may save tens of thousands of dollars by doing this.

Another area where our staff excels in engaging with lenders directly is convenience.

Our crew works around the clock, seven days a week. We will make every effort to meet you where and when it is most convenient for you.

You should turn to the staff at Your Finance Group for help with your financial needs.

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About Our Team

Our staff are devoted to helping our clients locate the lender and product that best meet their needs as a whole.

Our expectations for our clients include honesty and high ethics, love for what they do, goal orientation to get the work done, adaptability and creativity. Our staff aims to provide high standard services to meet client expectations.

Other requirements and expectations include the following:

Team Members


Initial training to join our team is a thorough education program lasting several months that is directly overseen by management. Once finished, participants begin a two-year mentoring exercise that will monitor their actions and provide guidance and support for their interactions.

Our team is constantly being trained, often once a week, to stay current on the information and abilities needed to be a professional, productive and efficient mortgage broker.

To establish a thorough understanding of the banking business and other connected industries, meetings with lenders and other professional persons with industry ties are often scheduled.

Qualification Requirements

Our team are required to have the following:


Members of the team are carefully selected from a range of technical skills and personal qualities including:

Accreditations With Lenders

Our team are required to have accreditations with many lenders to whom they submit deals.
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Overall, we will handle the majority of the work to help you, from loan application preparation all the way to settlement.

Most significantly, we’ll work to save you a lot of the tension that often results from customers trying to do this on their own.

So What Do We Do?

First of all, we will meet you where and when it is most convenient for you.

We’ll create a joyful, laid-back atmosphere that encourages open communication and discussion about your requirements.

We will next assess your present financial and personal condition, identify your requirements and assist you in determining how much you can comfortably borrow and return minimising your risk.

We will assist you throughout the whole process by:

Our Experience

YFG has been in business since 2002 and has amassed a wealth of expertise over that period.

Clients must have access to mortgage experts who are knowledgeable about a wide variety of lenders and products, not just one lender and their constrained selection of two or three loan options.

Unlike the employee of a lender who might only hold that role or be present at that location for a short length of time, our team is qualified, experienced and committed to finance broking for the long term.

Our staff now boasts more than 150 years of combined expertise in the banking, finance and mortgage broking sectors.


The adages ‘we have almost seen and experienced it all’ and ‘been there, done that’ are true.

Our clients greatly benefit from our knowledge and skill in securing the deal they think is best for them and overcoming challenges in securing financing approval.

The client may spend tens of thousands of dollars more over the course of the loan with a less competitive lender and product. Savings must go into your pocket, not the balance sheet of a lender.

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Our Dedication To You

We pride ourselves in delivering high-quality brokerage services to our clients. We are committed to ensure that our clients are happy with the results of our assistance and that the financial product they choose will meet their needs both now and in the future.

Our clients must realise that we are committed to them, not the lenders.

To ensure that our commitment is clear, it is corporate policy that we will not consider receiving any preferential treatment or other financial or non-financial advantage from any lender.

Our Honesty & Ethics

Our staff are chosen based on each member’s integrity, sincerity, and ethical convictions.

Our professionals adhere to their high moral standards, are genuine and honest towards our clients.

It is crucial to us that we always tell our clients the truth about their financial status.

Our employees will exert every effort to help our clients. They take pleasure in seeing satisfied customers receive the financing they need and desired.

However, if the need arises, we won’t be averse to telling them the truth if we think their activities would endanger their financial security.

We call this the ‘reality principle’. We shall give a customer the truth, even if it is the unpleasant reality, when we realise that withholding information may cause financial hardship for them in the future. However, we will always approach this delicately and with the highest respect.

Our goal is to constantly act in the best interests of our clients and help them follow the path to financial security.

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